Facilities & Rent Support

Help us to keep our shelter doors open


Did you know that we rent the shelter in the same way that you would rent a house? This is because we are privately owned and run, 100% reliant on public support. It means that we have to submit yearly rent cheques (75k AED), pay real estate fees and pay our utility bills to ensure we have water and electricity, just like everyone else!

When we moved into the shelter in 2017, it was just a plot of sandy land with a warehouse in the middle. We have put a huge amount of time, effort and money into getting the shelter to where it is today. As the number of dogs in our care has grown, so has our facility.

Of course none of this is free and every time our rent is due we have to seriously question whether we can afford to keep going. It is our single biggest outgoing. If we’re not able to pay our rent then there is no shelter. If there is no shelter, we hate to imagine what would happen to the dogs in our care and the dogs we are yet to save.

As well as our rent, it costs a huge amount to maintain a shelter. We have to pay for all materials and labour.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, we have caretakers who live on site and take excellent care of both the shelter itself and the animals. Their work is invaluable and they do a fantastic job. They have hard-earned salaries due every month.

Will you help us to keep our shelter running and our doors open? The best way to support our shelter is through Paypal. You can also support us via Bank Transfer – for this option, please reach out to us on our social channels or email us at fujairahanimalsandus@gmail.com.

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Paypal Account: fujairahanimalsandus@gmail.com


Utilities (Water and Electricity) – FEWA Bills


Every month, around the 20th, our FEWA bill is due – this ensures we have water and electricity in the shelter. These things are of course vital to ensure our animals are hydrated, clean and safe 24/7. In the Summer months, it also helps us to provide much needed AC – our animals and team couldn’t survive the Summer months without this.

You can support us with our water and electricity bill directly with FEWA.

Account Number: 221000290419

Link: https://bit.ly/aauffewa

Enter your phone number and email, amend the total to reflect your contribution and hit pay now, it’s that easy.