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Help us to feed our animals


Food is one of our biggest outgoings. We not only feed the hundreds of animals in our shelter, dogs and cats, puppies and kittens but we also feed many hundreds more on the streets of Fujairah. Without us, many animals on the streets would starve.

We make sure to feed our animals high quality and nutritious food. This promotes better health meaning our dogs live healthier, longer and happier lives… it also means fewer vet bills. We also try to provide home cooked food like chicken and beef whenever we can, especially for nursing Mum’s and seniors.

Will you help us to feed hundreds of hungry tummies?

There are many ways that you can help to provide food for our animals.


Amazon Wishlist


We maintain an Amazon Wishlist – this allows us to add all the items we need for the shelter at any given time. As well as food, you will find other items that we use on a day to day basis such as cleaning products, all of which are vital but cost money and take away funds from the care of our animals. When completing your order, there should be a ‘gift registry’ address present in your list of available addresses – please select this and it will ensure the items are delivered to the shelter.

You can access the Animals and Us Amazon Wishlist here


Dubai Drop Off Points


You can purchase food and drop it at one of our drop off locations in Dubai. Please contact us to confirm the brand of food we utilise before purchasing as it’s important we maintain the brand of food to avoid upset tummies. Please also contact us for the drop off location. You can contact us via our social media channels or email us at




Paypal is the easiest way to support us.

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