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Vet care is essential for our animals. As soon as we rescue an animal, they are given a vet check up to ensure that they are healthy and that there are no injuries. They are subsequently given their vaccinations, microchipped and dewormed. Whilst the dog remains in our care, vaccinations are then required every year as well as regular deworming. This very basic care for every single dog in our care is at least 500 AED per year (with hundreds of dogs, you can imagine how this adds up!).

We also neuter/spay our animals as well as operating a TNR programme when we can for the strays of Fujairah. TNR stands for trap, neuter, release (although often we’re not so good at the release part!). This is vital in controlling the stray population. Neutering starts at 350 AED.

Unfortunately, we also often rescue animals that are in critical condition and require emergency and intense veterinary care. We never turn away from animals in pain or in need despite the fact these bills often reach into the many, many thousands.

We work with a number of vets across the UAE depending on the care required and often have (very large!) outstanding bills at many vets which puts a huge amount of pressure on us. Once our accounts are frozen, we can no longer treat animals.

Will you help us to continue offering vital medical care?

There are a couple of ways you can support us.


Directly With The Veterinary Clinics

You can support directly with the veterinary clinics where we have outstanding bills. Each vet has different preferences for ways to support so please reach out to us via e-mail or email and we will be happy to advise where we require support.



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